Why my hip-hop posse would include Gregory Wilson

In a hip-hop or rap artist's posse, there's the usual picks and the "average" choices — many of them aren't likely to do much more than take up space, waste time and money.

Bradtastic craves somethings — in this case, someone — slightly more special.

Gregory Wilson
A confidence man, master pickpocket, mentalist-magician is always handy to have around... manipulate the opposition, steal a rap-rival's bling right off his person and convince him his posse had jacked him.

So much better than bustin'caps.


On Vox: Reluctant, but "Team Edward" anyway. And more about me.

I read the book. It's my favorite of the series... and apparently, that makes me apart of Team Edward. I guess there area  lot of Twilight fans on Jacob's side, and "New Moon" is the preferred book of the opposition.

Well... I'll usually declare allegiance to the vampires—I understand them best. I relate to them... I've been called (and compared to) them. And I'm fine with that.

I'VE BEEN CAREFULLY PLOTTING AND PLANNING MY NEXT "BIG MOVES," and though the details have been (sorta) made public, I've kept only my tightly-knit personal group informed.

I plan on ditching TypePad (at least for now), sticking with Vox in the mean-time, and I have no plans to change my Livejournal account (as I don't trust the fate of the company).

The biggest addition to my "Bradtastic Lifestyle" is Squarespace. I've been thoroughly impressed by their lightning-fast customer service and support, and their wonderful interface called "V5." The easy-to-edit WYSIWYG stylings will allow me to focus on the writing instead of code, but the feature that really sold me is Daring Fireball's Smartypants — built-in.

As a writer/illustrator/designer with a love for typography and a penchant for perfection, normal blogs' lack of “smart quotes” (alongside lousy blog editors) has been quite bothersome. Just when I was about to give up on my smart quote fantasy, I found an option to enable my saviour-software.

And I was sold.

I was going to leave TypePad without much fanfare or a farewell, but marinesetwas convinced me to send Six Apart my feedback. He likes their service, as does Warner Crocker, so I thought, why not? And I thought I'd share my review with y'all as well—it'll likely appear at or my new secret site.

I'm also sharing with you lucky, lucky people, the (partial) list of my Kindle contents! (Exciting!) Until then... stay sexy.

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On Vox: Not Convinced

I'm not happy about TypePad.

There are clearly advantages and nice features... but I don't think that it's nicer than Squarespace, and thus, I'm likely going to cancel the service. It's just not good enough. Maybe if they offered more storage or if it was less money... if there were more useful features—mostly, I don't like the templates.

I'm currently using the same template that I have here. Why pay extra when I already have (mt) and WordPress setup? It just seems like a waste; I haven't found anything at TypePad that I like more than the Squarespace equivalent, with the exception of being able to easily add-in external RSS feeds... but the SS staff informed me that that feature is arriving soon.

So... it looks like Squarespace will be the home of my new writing project... and probably some ink, too! (More on this soon.)

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On Vox: Red wowza.

Just updated my theme. It's really red... matches my "normal" off-hand nails' color. Not right now, however. I'm doing a sparkly-silver thing... for the impending New Year's celebrations. I was happy to share the thoughts of My Christmas Morning (a post at, but that fateful, magical day—after arriving too soon—passed in similar fashion.

The point of that entry, however... was to continue the "spirit" of Christmas and its messages throughout the year. I can't do it alone. aNDy has decided to echo my message... though his isn't quite in the same spirit...

I've got a lot more thoughts on Squarespace and TypePad, by the way. I'll share that... sometime soon. (Looks like this blog has replaced my Antipresto... perhaps I should scrap/reset it, huh?) Anyone want a list of the blogs I subscribe to on my Kindle (thought about posting this)? PLMK.

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On Vox: Mobiletechphoria

There's a lot of good new stuff available in the iTunes App Store... if you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you're really missing out. 

Fieldrunners alone is hours of fun... and Subatomic doesn't slack; they've released numerous updates, they listen to their community and respond at the forums, and they've added sound and new maps. What's next? I have no idea, but the game is already fantastic. Bradtastic Approved.

There's a lot of great free stuff, too. I love Katamari, yes I do, and I'm going to test it out in a bit. It's exciting! I'm also considering Hero of Sparta because there's nothing like it on the iPhone... well, check it out for yourself!

Mobile stuff rocks. How can one possibly be bored, surrounded by all of this awesomeness?!

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On Vox: Livescribe—Pulse, Backpack, Eee, Oh my!

What I try to get from my Eee PC alone is quite silly. I try to use it like any non-netbook, opening too many windows and tabs, running too many applications simultaneously. The netbook is too good and I can't understand how they're not selling too many copies.

I'm trying to change this behavior—opening too many Firefox windows and tabs—and that's really very-funny, if you know how I feel about "try." [The world doesn't give a fuck about "try"—but that's a topic for another time, and another blog.]

I've been using my Backpack to store information and files... I really dig it. Lifehacker has show me some alternatives, but none better (for me) so far. I'm trying to plan out my (what looks like, now) 2009 Bradtastic re-release... and it's thrilling and intimidating. My hope is that, by listing as much as I can in Backpack, I'll get what I want from this change.

I've been looking at this Livescribe Pulse Pen... interested-enough to add the 2GB version to my Amazon Wishlist. It's not quite a slate tablet alternative, but it has its advantages, too. I've used OneNote on my Tablet with some success, but I've always felt limited by the tablet's battery-life or power-cord tether. It was never really a paper notebook replacement. I think that the Pulse pen (and paper... duh) could really add something... and I'd like to have the ability to sync drawings, writings, sketches, designs, doodles and notes with voice recordings, simultaneously—and from a single device (system).

I've asked about it around the microblogs and have received some feedback and I've read some of the reviews. It's not quite a Montblanc, but... maybe it'd help?

Now, back to what I've been doing: organizing and bookmarking (sometimes sharing) sites currently taking up way too many Firefox browsers and tabs... and reading! [Most of my recent "free" time has been spent reading blogs, news and books on my Kindle. I love the Kindle.]

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On Vox: TypePad v Squarespace, Part One

PART OF THIS BIG AWESOME CHANGE, I'm going to use a professional blogging platform. "Free" isn't really free, and WordPress and one-clicks are time-consuming with security updates, new releases and lack of tech-support. I like Media Temple hosting because they have someone I can call if there's a problem. I'd like a managed blog for some of the same reasons.

I'd like to spend more of my time writing instead of installing new platform versions, UI upgrades and dealing with backend issues. I want to write about love, life, work, stressers, society, crime, safety, dating and socialization (including education and travel)... occasionally sharing the other things that make me who I am.

I was thinking that this would be simple... I'd use TypePad. The professionals use TypePad. But I keep finding myself sitting in front of the screen with a funny taste in my mouth... though I like what I "hear" from people about the service... I think the sites look ugly. Some of them, REALLY UGLY.

Somehow, I got to subscribing the TypePad newsletter (I used to use Livejournal religiously; writing all of the time to collect comments from complete strangers, generally receiving the most comments from entries with camho-ish self-portraits), one day they announce several (I forgot the exact number) "new templates for TypePad users!"

Cool. New templates. So I took a look at them, and each one of them has multiple color choices. It's clear from the tone of the email, TypePad is proud of the new designs. They look horrible...

There are good things about TypePad... and what about Squarespace?

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On Vox: Something About Art Magazines

Barnes & Noble is such a trap for an artist... any type of creative, really. There's some welcome changes there, too... for instance, more magazines and periodicals on politics and social agendas... more art and photography mags, more "alternative lifestyle" stuff. I'm also really happy to see the Moleskine section grow into its own station.

WHEN I FIRST STARTED PUTTING Montblanc pens to Moleskine paper, I would go there to find a mixed-n-mashed section of Moleskines with the plastic packaging half-torn... note three-sets missing one and an all-around, miserably-pathetic selection. Generally, there were no more than a couple large Notebooks and a "reporter" pocket-sized... B&N is well-stocked. I guess my purchases have single-handedly changed the trends (at least in Walnut Creek). Bradtastic thinks it's cool, therefore it... nah.

However, I did also pick up a copy of the new Computer Arts magazine... it's different now. The 'Projects mag looked pretty slick—cool new shape—but its topic is "motion graphics," and that's not something I'm working with right now. Being nothing more than a distraction (a damned good one at that), I couldn't risk it and didn't want to waste... it'd end up as more paper mess, even if it turned out to be a good visual resource and guide for later-use (I'm sure it would).

Gilmore Girls inspires my writing, vector art and graffiti inspires my art. The 'Girls are overall more-important to my creative process, however, and if I had to live with just one or the other, it's an easy choice.

I have a lot of stuff to write about... but I'm not sure how much of it I want to share... and if people really want me to share such things...!

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On Vox: Bitter Drama Sweet?

I'm currently listening to Bitter:Sweet's album Drama... something new for me. I've liked them for a while now, and it's chill music. Multi-situational. I appreciate that.

Yesterday I saw really cool Oakley eyewear (oxymoronic I know... Oakley is perhaps just moronic, however...) called "Thump." The problem: the black frames were only 512MB instead of 1GB. The 1GB Thumps are white and I don't like the look... not nearly as much. Perhaps SGH will get the larger/better version in, and soon.

Even more important: I got to see Stephanie there... and got to have dinner with her after she was off of work. I went over the Nordstrom to chat with Ashley in The Rail, and Daniel tried on some new designer jeans to toughen up his look. Ended up with a new sweatshirt and belt. Evenings are starting to get colder... and I like it. It'll feel like Christmas soon, and that's a really good thing—it'll actually be Christmas soon—it's over so fast, anytime I can feel it extended is bliss.

iTunes offers a lot of free music, and makes "shopping" for new stuff a snap. Netflix makes movie-watching very easy... and now that I have it, I'm amazed that I didn't get it YEARS ago. For the first time in a while, I'm thinking that it'd be kinda cool living with someone else... and that maybe I could do it. Someone other than Kristen (I know I can live with her).

Until next time... whenever that is. I'm still planning the new iteration of Bradtastic and Pownce-replacement (I love/d my Pownce).

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