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Bradtastic Endeavors

Magic... the really-really real kind.

Brad Chin [陳武信] - Prestidigitator!
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Brad Chin

My status

Bradtastic! The_Opportunist no more.

Quick facts or tidbits:

Chief Financial Officer, Vice President, of AIS.

6’3” – fighter, lover, magician, artist, and above all, I’m a winner. Most of the time at least, =). moderate conservative, ENTJ, storm’s catalyst.

Technology and internet junkie.

I love movies. And I keep a list of what I see in the theatres, and I’m working on getting a list of what I own but that’s going to take a long time.

I think ‘tidbits’ is a fun word.

ex-World of Warcraft junkie. I’m glad to have put that MMO behind me.

Currently driving a 2005 Infiniti G35, blue.

I love coffee. Currently I drink Lattes and Eggnog Lattes. But I like pure coffee as long as it’s fresh. I think 98% of the time it is not. Coffee is not supposed to be bitter, and it isn’t when it’s fresh.

I think Kamel Red Lights are great. They have a slight chocolate taste going on.

I have art and random photos on Pyroblast gallery2.

I collect things.

I love playing and watching tennis.

I live in arguably the all-around best building in Oakland, in the best area of Oakland. (Some people commonly associate Oakland with “ghetto pos city.” Most of it is, my area is not. Exactly.)

And more:

I subconsciously really like the color, blue. When people ask me, I tend to think of grappa and cabernet type colors, and usually say Bordeaux for simplicity. But I’m really drawn to blue. And no, not in a fetishy kind of way.

I think fashion is really important, and I think people should really stick to what works. Some men do not look good in a cheap suit, and they really ought to wear what works for them. I like Faconnable, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Bahama, and Sean John. I see no reason to get dressed up to go to work if I’m not meeting anyone whom might judge me for what I wear. People should be comfortable at work, I’m almost certain it increases productivity.

I don’t really read as much as I think I should. Mostly, because I don’t like to. I really like going out and performing magic for people, looking at design magazines, working on artwork or design… don’t get me wrong, I do read, I just don’t read many books.

Changes from the_opportunist:

I used to write under the journal name ‘The Opportunist Magazine,’ which was always a little bit of a cynical joke, but I just don’t feel much like that anymore. I thought maybe I’d like to write to vent, but I hate reading it later. I thought maybe I’d like to use a blog to show to off the wonders of life, and I do, but not in the same way. Most of my time and attention goes to tweaking ais-insurance.com and adding things to that website and the sites that my company builds for people.

Bradtastic Endeavors: Storm’s Catalyst could be called just a name, but a lot has changed since I first started this journal in 2003. To be honest, a lot has changed since I moved to Oakland. For one, I can get to my office in less than six minutes.

I plan on posting more frequently than I managed to do in 2005. I’ve rearranged my life to allow myself to have more time to be creative, which means I will have more art to share and two other websites to show off. I’m going to try and learn how to edit LiveJournal’s style, but it seems utterly complicated to me even though my grasp of CSS is above par. This journal will be cleaned up, and be used as a private and public outlet, so make sure to log in to LiveJournal if you’re on my friends list.

I enjoy conversation and I like sharing my thoughts and my art, so feel free to add me to your friends list, comment, send me emails, or actually get out that pen and write a letter. I will try my best to respond to every thoughtful note.

I will be redoing my LJ icons, and I will have to take a whole new set of glamour shots.

Life takes preparation, dedication, and honesty, three things that I sometimes feel get in the way of billion dollar ideas. But the other thing that gets in the way of billion dollar ideas: lacking millions of dollars to blow on them.